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A comprehensive analysis from Building Inspection Services covers all of the home's major systems. This visual home inspection includes over 300 items, from the foundation to the roof, all major systems of the house, and the home's interior components. 

  • Foundation

  • Structure

  •  Basement or crawl space

  •  Interior and exterior walls

  •  Siding

  •  Water heater

  •  Heating and air conditioning systems

  •  Electrical system

  •  Plumbing system and fixtures

  •  Porches and decks

  •  Attic

  •  Roof

  •  Gutters

  •  Fireplace and exterior chimney

  •  Interior and exterior doors

  •  Built-in appliances

  •  Interior stairway components

  •  Bathtub and shower wall coverings

  •  Kitchen cabinet doors and drawers

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